Vortex offers customized solutions for all restoration requirements. 

At Vortex, we recognize that every restoration or performance upgrade is unique, and we can facilitate custom solutions to meet each customer's specific needs. Vortex mechanics have years of experience and access to all the necessary tools and equipment on site to quickly produce the exact configurations you require.  Vortex will engineer part systems that can include, performance seats, fire suspression, windows, door panels, exhausts etc. Let Vortex transform or restore your vehicle with a custom designed solution that meets all of your needs.

Custom Configurations

Vortex technicians routinely fabricate custom parts for performance upgrades, door panels, scoops, and plates to cover up those holes you get when you strip out an interior etc.




Vortex technicians can take your old and tired looking car completely apart and restore it to unequaled beauty. Complete restorations are available to customers. Vortex will work with you to develop a solution that will meet your specific requirements and budget.